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Give Your Home the Gift of a Water Softener in Tacoma, WA

our plumbing team can install professional water softeners in Tacoma WAA water softening system in your home can help to increase the life of your household appliances by nearly double. This is because water softeners work by reducing the level of calcium and magnesium in your water, which are the culprits behind hard water stains and plaque buildup in your plumbing pipes. Hard water is not only damaging to your appliances, but to your skin as well. The excessive mineral levels in your shower water can cause breakouts, dry skin, and even more troubling conditions like eczema or psoriasis. If you leave the shower or bath feeling like your skin is overly dry but still not clean, then you would likely benefit form a water purifying system. We can help you choose between major brands such as GE, WaterBoss, Aquasana, Fleck, Pelican, and Kenmore before we install your water softener. Call us today to schedule a consultation—you, your appliances, and your skin will not regret it.

Why You Should Consider Installing a Water Softening System

reverse osmosis systems produce pure water Do you have hard water in your home or place of business? If you've had your water tested and it rated as having seven mineral grains per gallon or higher (that's 121 milligrams per liter or more), then unfortunately you have “hard” water. A common tell-tale sign of hard water includes crusty mineral deposits known as scale around your faucets and in your pipes. Additionally, if you run your dishwasher but the dishes have spots or stains around them, your water is likely hard and is leaving small mineral deposits that don't readily wash away. Another symptom of hard water is dry, itchy skin and dull hair as the result of excessive calcium and magnesium, among other minerals. Do you own a pool? Then hard water will show itself via cloudy pool water. If you notice once or more of these signs, call us today and begin the process of choosing and installing a new water softening system in your business or home.

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